Clece Care Services Ltd (CCS) is a group of regional care companies , founded in 2013. From over 100 locations across the UK and with more than 6,000 care and support professionals. Each contributing with expert local care services knowledge, we provide , safe, bespoke, personalised care and support services to people with different needs, promoting independent living.

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High-Quality Care and Support

CCS Group provides flexible, person-centred support services to allow individuals to live a dignified, independent life tailored to their needs and aspirations.

We are committed to improving the well-being and quality of life for the service users we support. Our services are based on choice and control, personalisation and being a part of the community.

We are innovative and work collaboratively with our group and digital providers to promote and share good practice pioneers in supporting innovation and are a testbed for digital solutions in social care.

The CCS group are fully registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and are members of the United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA).

Our People

We often get asked what sets us apart. The answer is – our clients and our workforce!

We are a diverse company with highly trained Care and Support Assistants who understand that social care is not just a job. It is about caring for real people with specific needs. Each employee goes through a rigorous interview process and is selected and trained to deliver a high-quality and tailored service to our clients. From a diverse and wide portfolio of services, our clients can feel confident choosing us as their provider of care.

For our workforce, they have opportunities to develop a diverse career in social care in many locations across the UK. We provide qualifications to not only develop them as a professional but also as a person. As a company that has a presence in Spain and Portugal, our business is about diversity, employing people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Every day is different. Working for CCS is not just a job. It is a diverse career!

Our Mission

To provide our service users with an efficient outstanding, personalised home care and support that helps maintain their quality of life, independence and dignity. We care about your independence.

Our Objectives

To provide services to people living independently and with dignity in their chosen place of residence.

To be recognised as a high value provider of home care services and solutions across the UK, allowing us to directly influence and improve the quality and level of care our service users receive.

Our Core Principles


Promoting respect for, and the dignity of, people to whom we provide any type of social care.


Teamwork, professionalism and motivation, which mean that we improve every day.


Transparency and legal compliance in the management of our activities and services.


Ensuring the Health and Safety of our Workers.


Contribute to provide an efficient service while monitoring a high level of quality and managed budget.


Promoting respect for, and the dignity of, people to whom we provide any type of social care.


Encouraging respect for, and the preservation of, the environment.

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